Weber Style Poultry Roaster #6408

$ 37.95

Model Number: 6408

Beer can chicken without the can!


Poultry roaster includes a non-stick roasting pan, infuser, and infusion cap.
  • First, fill the base cup with your favorite beverage and add spices for extra zip (do not use with alcoholic spirits, though—they are volatile and will catch fire!).
  • Next, place the infuser over the base cup and perch the bird on the infuser.
  • Place the infusion cap in the neck cavity and set the poultry roaster on the cooking grate.
  • Aromatic steam rises to roast the bird to perfection.
Use on 22-1/2-inch or larger Weber charcoal grills and all Weber gas grills (will not fit Weber Baby Q, Weber Q 100, Weber Q 120 gas grills).

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