Weber 6731 Deluxe Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Poultry Infusion Roaster - 3-Pieces

$ 32.99

Model Number: 6731

Exclusive grill accessories with a focus on style, design and functionality, Weber Style accessories make grilling a total experience from start to finish. This Weber Style Poultry Roaster makes beer can chicken without the can! Roaster includes a non-stick roasting pan, infuser and infusion cap. First, fill the base cup with your favorite beverage and add spices. Next, place the infuser over the base cup and perch the bird on the infuser. Place the infusion cap in the neck cavity and set the poultry roaster on the cooking grate of your grill. Aromatic steam rises to roast the bird to perfection. The aluminum pan has a non-stick ceramic-coated interior, so it is easy to clean. For use on 22 1/2-inch or larger Weber charcoal grills and all Weber full size gas grills.


                      • Sturdy infuser holds poultry in place while cooking
                      • Non-stick surface cleans quickly and easily
                      • Fits 22 1/2 inch & larger kettle grills and all Weber full size gas grills


                      Item Type Roaster
                      Width 12 X 15
                      Manufacturer Weber

                      Dimensions and Weight

                      Width: 12 X 15 Lbs.
                      Shipping Weight: 4.9 Lbs.
                      Weber accessories are covered by a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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