Weber 6434 Deluxe Large Stainless Steel Vegetable Grill Basket

$ 21.99

Model Number: 6434

An essential grilling accessory, Weber baskets make multitasking on the grill easier! Simply chop or slice your favorite veggies, toss them in the Weber Style Vegetable Basket and place it on the grill along side the main entree. All the grilled flavor with none of the hassle of turning small vegetable pieces or losing them between the grates. If you really want to wow your guests, add diced chicken, pork, or beef and use it as a wok pan. Made of durable stainless steel. Fits 18-1/2 inch or larger Weber charcoal kettles, Weber Q 300 Series and all full size Weber gas grills.


        • Fits 18-1/2 inch or larger Weber charcoal kettles
        • Also fits Weber Q 300 Series & all full size Weber gas grills
        • Grill meat or veggies or use as a wok pan


            Item Type Grill Basket
            Width 14 X 12
            Material Stainless Steel
            Color Stainless Steel
            Manufacturer Weber

            Dimensions and Weight

            Width: 13 1/2"
            Depth: 11 3/4"
            Height: 2 1/4"
            Shipping Weight: 4.0 Lbs.

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